I started to perform jail ministry at Charlotte Jail Central in August 2016.  In my very first experience in performing jail ministry I knew that Jesus had directed me to this beautiful ministry.  Today I perform both jail ministry at Charlotte Jail Central and prison ministry at Alexander Correctional Institution.  Jail and Prison ministry are my passion.  I wanted to create a website where lay-ministers would have access to prepared Bible studies making it possible for more lay-ministers to perform this ministry.  

     Prison inmates are able to attend a Bible study for their denomination regardless of their physical location within the facility.  Jail inmates are not able to attend a Bible study for their denomination.  Each pod will have its own Bible study.  In each pod there are Evangelical Christians, Main-line Christians and Catholic Christians.  

     I am a Catholic lay minister.  I love my church.  That being said I am conscious that the inmates that I minister to in Charlotte Jail Central come from a wide variety of Christian denominations and that many of the inmates love their church as much a I love mine.  Most of the Bible studies on the website cover the tenants of Christianity that are basic to most Christian denominations.  

     The Forum tab on the menu is a Blog where lay ministers will be able to ask questions, seek advice and post their experiences in jail ministry.  I will also post articles on jail and prison ministry on “Forum”.  It is my prayer that this website will be a valuable resource for Christian lay ministers who are interested in performing Jail Ministry.

  William Joseph 

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